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The bio-sustainable leather

Metal Free

Metal Free
Metal Free Certified

Aldehyde Free

Aldehyde Free
Certificata Aldehyde Free

Bio Based

Bio Based
Bio Based tanning


Certified sustainable cycle
Produced in Pegaso tannery with a fully certified sustainable cycle

Constantly Evolving

Constantly evolving
Constantly evolving towards a zero-impact produc
Bio-Based tanning process -
Leather Green Finishings -

Certified as
Metal free &
Aldheide free

As certified by internationally recognized laboratories, LG leathers meet Metal Free standards*, and hence does not contain heavy metals of concern, specifically: chrome, aluminium, Iron, titanium and zirconium nor the organic compound of concern Glutaraldehyde.

This is obtained by a specific tanning and re-tanning process and by a carefully engineered class of finishes.

* Recognized standards impose that such leathers must contain less than 1000 parts per million of the total sum of heavy metals.

tanning and
recyclable leathers

LG Tanning and re-tanning process is primarily* based on natural products obtained from vegetable renewable resources like: chestnut trees, gallnuts, hemp plants and so on. Plants are harvested following FSC or PEFC standards of sustainability.

Moreover, wastes from finished or semifinished leathers are recycled as organic fertilizer in facilities close to the tannery (see picture below). Notably, unlike traditional veg. leathers, LG articles satisfy the highest standard tests required by top shoes and handbags brands.

* Over 80% of the total tanning substances.

A certified sustainable production cycle

Pegaso tannery is certified according to the highest international standard for environmental sustainability and social accountability, as well as quality and leather traceability.

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Leather Green


Our mission

Our commitment towards a zero-impact production cycle

Our chemical substances management and supply chain complies with the ZDHC* standards as required to us by most of the biggest fashion brands.
We internally recycle and reuse solvents from chemical compounds.
We use only FSC recycled paper as bundle packaging.

*Zero Discharge Hazardous Chemicals, a voluntary protocol for eliminating or restricting chemical substances of concern.

Future developments

Our future projects 2023

We will apply for Energy management ISO50001 certificate and follow every possible consequent directive for energy saving.
Commitment to fully electric company cars.
Implementation of structures and protocols for sourcing electric energy from renewable sources.
Water usage reduction in the tanning and finishing processes.
And more …

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